Welcome to RuthlessRP


Feel free to join our discord for the most recent updates about our server along with interacting with our community


Why choose to play on Ruthless?

Dedicated Servers

Active Development

We use dedicated servers to ensure minimal lag and best possible gameplay experience for everyone.

We are constantly working to fix even the smallest issues and to add more content to the server each day to ensure you have the best gameplay experience out there.

Plenty of jobs for everyone

Large selection custom vehicles

We all love out cars here at Ruthless, so we made sure we had a large selection to spend out hard earned pounds on with even more being added regularly from suggestions on our Discord.

No matter if you’re a criminal, a cop, a medic or just a regular, law abiding citizen, we have the job for you.

Friendly staff

Controller Support

We know bad staff can ruin a good server, that’s why we’ve made sure we have the best possible people on the job. Dedicated to making sure you have a fun and enjoyable experience.

If you enjoy playing with a controller then we have you covered. We know many people prefer to drive with a controller so we have done out best to ensure you get the best experience. No more menus popping up because you beeped your horn or cruise control activating when you hit the hand break.