• (1) Exploits, bugs and/or glitches used to gain advantage over others are NOT tolerated in this server. This can include AFK Scripts, Client Sided "Mod Menus" and more. If you are benefiting from a friend doing this, you will also receive the same punishment that they will receive. Report any suspicious activity that you may find for the staff to look into.

  • (2) Do NOT randomly kill people for no reason, all deadly action has to be roleplayed out. No VDM/RDM is tolerated at all.

  • (3) Never purposefully gain any police officers attention by breaking city laws in front of them, this is considered as "Cop Baiting".

  • (4) Whilst playing on Ruthless, you're required to have knowledge of the English language and must be able to speak it. As this server is based in the UK, this is a requirement.

  • (5) You are required to have a working microphone, alongside being able to hear everything in-game too.

  • (6) Never roleplay any sort of "DarkRP" this can be considered as rape, non-consensual activities and terrorist/military acts.

  • (7) Roleplaying as a police officer, medical doctor or military soldier is not allowed unless you're whitelisted.

  • (8) Never pretend to be a staff member, if you're caught you will be severely punished.


  • (9) Remember to always respect the RP situation you're in. Do not disconnect mid-rp to avoid being arrested, revived or spoken to by a staff member.

  • (10) If you want to kidnap another police officer, please remember that there has to be at least 4 police online (Including the one you have, making it 3 being able to respond to your negotiations) You can only keep police officers in your possession for up to 1 hour, after that they're required to be released.

  • (11) You cannot kidnap a civilian without 2 police officers being on duty at the time. You are not allowed to demand more than £35,000 for a civilian to be passed over safely, along with a 1 hour time limit of being able to hold onto the person you've kidnapped.

  • (12) The maximum amount of money you can take from another player at one time is £10,000. If they comply, you are then required to let them go. This cash is required to be on their person and not passed from their bank account, if they happen to not have any cash then you are allowed to either release or kill them. You cannot take players weapons from them

  • (13) Always value your characters life, if you're at gunpoint/taser point/knife point then you're required to comply.


  • (14) If you're declaring yourself as dead to the NHS/Police then you must ask someone in the administration team to wipe your account, this means your money/bank/cars/houses and businesses.

  • (15) Always remember, if you're seriously injured/downed and made unconscious then you will lose all of the memory that was there previously before the event that happened. In this aspect, you cannot go and get revenge on what has happened, this is considered as our NLR (New Life Rule).

  • (16) You cannot take weapons or equipment from players or emergency service personnel during a mugging.

  • (17) No Meta-gaming. This means information that you have gathered outside of the server i.e, from a friend or a stream, cannot be used ingame by your character. Your character realistically shouldn't know where someone is all the time, so you wouldn't just turn up out of no where and know that they are there.

  • (18) If you're in prison, never use your phone or the "twitter" access to speak to people in-character.

  • (19) Do not speak about other servers in-game or throughout our platform.

  • (20) Please remember to follow regular UK road traffic laws, meaning following lights, sticking to the speed limit etc.

  • (21) Never imitate real life extremist characters, this includes terrorist/racist characters, as we do not want this on our server.

  • (22) Keep your character name realistic, like a "John Smith."

  • (23) Do not put a player in a position they actually feel uncomfortable with doing, if they don't want to do the RP you're providing please do allow them to leave the situation.

  • (24) Remember that /ooc is for general "out-of-character" talking. And /tweet is for "in-character" talking only.

  • (25) Never give out the "Black Market" information, special item locations or drug locations to players for free. The limit that we do not want to see these locations going under is below £50,000. Value these places, doing trades is completely prohibited.

  • (26) Using social apps to do illegal activities is allowed, however, keep it to a RP extent. Make your activities have a bit of roleplay in them, use nicknames, code-words etc. Don't just type that you're selling cocain etc.


  • (27) Always report "Hacker/Modder" activity.

  • (28) Other players can't force you to kill off your character, it is under your discretion. When you are "dead", consider it as an injury.

  • (29) Other players can't force you to sell your vehicles whilst being mugged/attacked.

  • (30) Do not store your vehicle mid-chase to avoid the police finding something that you don't want them to have, you must hide the vehicle until you believe that you're able to get the vehicle back.

  • (31) You are not allowed to operate special vehicles without the proper licensing, for example airplanes, helicopters and boats. RP it out. However, if you're caught in these vehicles you can be subjected to a kick or a ban.

  • (32) If you're conducting a heist or a store robbery, you must bring all participants inside of the building/around the building. Not across the street or on a hill watching.

  • (33) Never "FailRP", an example of this would be talking whilst you're "dead" or unconscious, or providing completely shitty roleplay experience for others.

  • (34) Do not "FailRP" drive, an example of this would be driving up a mountain in a sedan, or flipping your car and continuing to drive off like nothing happened. If you're using an off-road vehicle then it must be equipped properly before you go off-road.

  • (35) If you're banned, and you access our servers via a VPN/Another account, both accounts will be permanently banned.

  • (36) Do not pull out weapons/items from no where, you are required to have a bag of some sort to carry around large weapons such as a baseball bat, assault rifle, golf club, crowbar etc. This also includes being in a cell, do not just start playing the guitar or playing the bongo drums.

  • (37) At all times, remember to stay in-character. You can not break character under any circumstancem, unless your dealing with any sort of admin issue. /ooc is provided for that exact reason.